Posted: Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The CMTS collaborated with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) to hold its fourth biennial research and development conference, “From Sail to Satellite: Delivering Solutions for Tomorrow’s Marine Transportation System,” at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, on June 21-23, 2016. The forum examined emerging and innovative technologies and practices in marine transportation and waterways management.

The conference brought together approximately 130 attendees from government, industry, academia, and beyond. These participants made the event the largest marine transportation system (MTS) research and development (R&D) conference yet, with 19 breakout sessions, 3 plenary sessions, 3 keynote addresses, a student honors panel, and the closing summary session.

The sessions discussed not only the latest innovative technologies and practices in marine transportation and waterways management but also strove to contemplate the MTS of the next 100 years and the R&D needed to get there successfully. Participants from students to keynote speakers to research experts championed the need to continually adapt and innovate to tackle ever-changing challenges.

The CMTS-TRB 4th Biennial R&D Conference Summary details the key takeaways from the conference in order to inform the broader strategy for MTS-related research and development over upcoming years. It presents the notable Keynote thoughts and visions, a synopsis of each of the panel discussions, and the major points discussed in the many Technical Breakout Sessions. The document also identifies the specific gaps and needs the MTS should be addressing in order to inform future research prioritization.

The CMTS is a Federal interagency coordinating committee directed by Congress and charter to improve the coordination of and make recommendations with regard to Federal policies that impact the MTS.