Messages from Leadership

The U.S. Committee on the Marine Transportation System welcomes the incoming Secretary of Transportation as Chair of the CMTS. By charter, the CMTS is chaired by the Secretary of Transportation.

The CMTS was established by Presidential Directive in 2005 and authorized in 2012 to coordinate maritime transportation policy between the 25+ Federal maritime-related agencies and organizations. The CMTS is called upon to assess the U.S. marine transportation system and report its findings to Congress every five years.

Mark H. Buzby, Maritime Administrator, MARAD

Maritime Administrator

Effective August 1, 2017, Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao designated RADM Mark Buzby (Maritime Administrator, MARAD) as Coordinating Board Chair through July 31, 2018.

Helen Brohl

Helen Brohl

Executive Director
U.S. Committee on the Marine Transportation System

In July 2015, the modern CMTS celebrated ten years of operation! It has been my pleasure to have originated the position of Executive Director and to have worked with a cadre of extraordinary Federal leaders and subject matter experts. In the early years, we spent much of our time establishing day-to-day operations and working to institutionalize the value of joint Federal agency participation in support of the Marine Transportation System (MTS). Developing and adopting the first-ever National Strategy for the Marine Transportation System in 2008 was a significant Partnership milestone that set the stage for many other meaningful agreements and activities. Other accomplishments include the Strategic Action Plan for Research and Development in the Marine Transportation System, the e-Navigation Strategic Action Plan, the 2013 U.S. Arctic Marine Transportation System Report, and the January 2017 report on the application of public-private partnerships to support maritime infrastructure in the U.S. Arctic.

Other activities include the development of MTS performance measures, the development of joint enhanced marine safety information to the mariner, a focus on maritime data within, enhanced veterans support with military to mariner transition, interagency collaboration related to maritime energy and emissions, and a continuation of investigations and support for MTS infrastructure investment, including the use of P3s.

The CMTS and the Transportation Research Board have co-sponsored four MTS research and development conferences, the most recent in June 2016. Our goal now is to update the National MTS R&D plan. We were extremely pleased and honored to be recognized by the National Economic Council for the CMTS Federal Funding Handbook: Marine Transportation System Infrastructure. This report was recently updated with more than 80 different Federal funding opportunities to the stakeholder for the MTS. Please visit the CMTS site often for new and improved products and share your ideas for ways in which we can meet your Federal-related interests.

The CMTS is an extraordinary Federal interagency partnership of over 25 active members, including White House offices, and as the organization grows in membership, so does its value. We remain indebted to the dedicated agency members who provide expertise and resources to the Executive Secretariat and CMTS activities.

The CMTS is a Federal interagency coordinating committee directed by Congress and charter to improve the coordination of and make recommendations with regard to Federal policies that impact the MTS.