CMTS Role in U.S. Ocean Policy
"The world's ocean basins are critical to the success of our Nation and, indeed, to life on Earth. The ocean powers our economy, provides food for billions of people, supplies 50 percent of the world’s oxygen, offers recreational opportunities for us to enjoy, and regulates weather patterns and our global climate system." President Joe Biden, June 1, 2021


To make recommendations and identify areas where common interests and goals exist between the CMTS and Domestic Ocean Policy Initiatives.


The CMTS aims to support ocean policy initiatives as it relates to the MTS.

The MTS is a critical component of national ocean policy, and the CMTS offers expertise and an established forum with a proven track record of facilitating inter-departmental cooperation and collaboration.

The CMTS Executive Secretariat will continue to be involved in the Science & Technology and Ocean Resource Management subcommittees under the Ocean Policy Committee and other USG initiatives.

Chronology of Ocean Policy