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Welcome to the Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) website. The CMTS is a Federal Cabinet-level, inter-departmental committee chaired by the Secretary of Transportation.

The purpose of the CMTS is to create a partnership of Federal departments and agencies with responsibility for the Marine Transportation System (MTS). The job of the CMTS is to ensure the development and implementation of national MTS policies that are consistent with national needs and to report to the President its views and recommendations for improving the MTS.

The MTS is essential to the American economy; it supports millions of American jobs, facilitates trade, moves people and goods, and provides a safe, secure, cost-effective, and energy-efficient transportation alternative. But because much of the system’s infrastructure is aging and constrained by capacity limitations, the CMTS is working to ensure that the MTS continues to meet the present and future needs of our nation... keep reading »

Bulletin Board
23 Jan

CMTS-TRB R&D Conference Call for Papers

Innovative Technologies for a Resilient Marine Transportation System, the 3rd Biennial Research and Development Conference, is soliciting abstracts for papers by February 28, 2014. ... view more »
CMTS-TRB R&D Conference Flyer
12 Dec

CMTS Annual Report

Mr. Dave Murk, past chair of the CMTS Coordinating Board, issued the summary report for his term: July 2012-June 2013. ... view more »
CMTS Summary Report: July 2012-June 2013
30 Jul

CMTS U.S. Arctic Marine Transportation System Report

CMTS U.S. Arctic Marine Transportation System Report Submitted by CMTS Chair Foxx to President Obama ... view more »
CMTS U S Arctic MTS Report
1 May

CMTS e-Navigation Online Dialog Report

The CMTS e-Navigation Integrated Action Team has reviewed the comments received from the e-Navigation Online Dialog and presented the results of this outreach effort to the CMTS Coordinating Board. ... view more »
4 Apr

Federal Funding Handbook for MTS Infrastructure Published

On April 4, 2013, the CMTS Coordinating Board approved the Federal Funding Handbook for MTS Infrastructure, a single go-to source of recent (FY2012) and current funding programs for Marine Transportation System stakeholders. ... view more »
Federal Funding Handbook for MTS Infrastructure
1 Feb

CMTS Compendium Published

CMTS Publishes Compendium of Federal Programs in the Marine Transportation System ... view more »
20 Dec

CMTS Authorized by Congress

On December 20, 2012, President Obama signed into law the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2012 (Pub. L. No. 112-213). With this action, the CMTS is officially recognized by Congress and is authorized in law, giving our interagency Partnership new authority, new responsibilities, and new opportunities ... view more »
CMTS Authorizing Language